"SIAMESE DREAMS is designed to educate, enrich, and empower teenage youth by facilitating innovative events that will provide them with the necessary tools to push beyond societal limitations and pursue authentic success. It is our humble intention to equip our teens with sustainable skills that will enable them to serve as a catalyst to inspire positive change in society."

-Julian & Justin Grant, Co-Founders

Outreach programs

Each program is designed to bring awareness to the students within the community to develop a vision for their lives, and teach them the importance of investing in their future.

speaking engagements

Let us help you motivate your students to be the best version of themselves. Julian & Justin have spoken at Career Development Conferences, Non-profit Banquets and various other leadership events. 

“We want to display to the young men the importance of knowing when to transition from one phase of life to the next and being equipped in order to do that,”
— Justin Grant